Affliction - Raven

Affliction - Raven
Album: Execution is Necessary


I wish my footsteps would suddenly fall silent
My shadow will lead me to another street
May I forget everything all about me
And wandering to uncertainty

There is a certain way which could set me free
But I'm a coward, I have no courage

Another painful reminisce
Every privilege has a consequence
As my soul is intoxicated
Drifting dragging to the unknown

How I wish that I could be a child again
The time of innocence, no sorrow no pain
How I wish to break the hourglass
Stop the world and freeze the space

My past as a raven, flying over my head
Dark alloy is on its wing and on its tail
An essence fall as it fluttered
Powerful to destroy, annihilate my soul
Death Metal
Affliction, Death Metal
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