Against The Grave - Killing Us Slowly


Against The Grave - Killing Us Slowly 
Directed, Shot & Edited by Nathan Karma Cox - 
Killing Us Slowly 
This shit ain’t nothing but a game 
Keep those idle hands in chains 
Don’t ask the Question 
Cuz you won’t like what the answer is today 
Just when you think you’re moving up
You’re really going down.
A sucker's born every minute every day
Ain’t nothing special just humanity.

Killing Us Slowly

Fuck up the world, don’t give a damn
build up the wealth as fast as you can
You keep your mouth shut, you do what they want
Go ahead and live the lie

Killing Us Slowly 

Against the Grave is: 
Jordan Gaw - Vocals 
Andrea Martis - Guitar 
Jay DOT CA - Bass 
Denis Sherif - Lead Guitar 
Ethan Harb - Drums 
Mixed & Mastered by Nick Bellmore,  
Dexters Lab, New Haven, CT 

Produced by Against the Grave & Charlie Bellmore,  
Los Angeles, CA 

Heavy Metal
Against The Grave, Heavy Metal
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