Amaranthe - Do Or Die (Feat. Angela Gossow)


Amaranthe - Do Or Die (Feat. Angela Gossow)    

Sweden’s hottest metal export presents a song feat. Angela Gossow, the former singer of ARCH ENEMY who left the Extreme Metal giants after the “Khaos Legions” album in 2011 and haven’t grabbed a microphone since then! “Do Or Die” shows AMARANTHE’s heavier side and comes with horror video filmed in Spain.

Huntress: Elize Ryd
The Undertaker: Angela Gossow
Servant: Olof Mjörk
Boy: Breogán Schwarz Keuning

Director: Marcus Overbeck
Director of photography: Michael Jörg
Production Company: Overbeck Media/ Filmefahrer Pictures
Production Artwork/ Design: Fardou Louise Keuning

Script, Edit, Sounddesign: Marcus Overbeck
Motion Design: Christian Lettenbauer
Colorist: Michael Jörg

Special thanks to:
Fardou Louise Keuning
Breogán Schwarz Keuning
Yago Schwarz Keuning
Normando Sánchez Javaloyes
David Rodríguez Pérez

© 2020 Overbeck Media GmbH/ FIlmefahrer Pictures


Elise: Oversee, insanity 
Misfortune and apathy
Have to stop, don't live life in denial
Angela: Time to end humanity
Apocalypse our remedy
Reap what you sow
Death & Fire!

Elise: Break free, it is time to believe,
In the struggle we see
We're the enemy

Angela: Retreat,
From the battle inside
We can win this- if we just do or die

Elise: What happened to the seasons
Fallout in the sky
We can only change
If we do or die

So justify your reasons
Look me in the eye
Right now we just do
We just do or die

Angela: Do Or Die!

Elise: What you wish, is what you see
A victim of vanity
Manufacture your own reality

Angela: Destruction our legacy
Delusion is haunting me
Still we claim supremacy

Elise: Retreat, from the battle inside
No serenity,
We're the enemy

Angela: Break free,
From the genocide
We must change or we will die!

Controlling us
To consume without
Any hesitance for the residents
Of this fading earth

We Will Die!


Heavy Metal
Amaranthe, Heavy Metal
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