Amygdala - I Hate to Say It


Amygdala - I Hate to Say It  
Album: Our Voices Will Soar Forever 
Shot/edited/directed by nicodxmvs  
Choreography by Arica  
I hate to say it 
But i'm glad that you're dead 
Death has brought you peace 
But family is all we got no matter what they do to you right? 
We don't seek help 
We just hope things will change
I hate to say it
But i'm glad that you're dead
Death has brought you peace
Now i don't have to wonder if they were hitting you today
I wanted to help you
I wanted to take you away
But family is all we got no matter what they do to you right
We don't seek help
We just hope it will change
But it will never ever change

Push and pull
It never stops
You want to be loved
Put up with it
You want to be alone then fight back

It's time to recognize
It's time to talk
It's time to put a stop to this
But putting a stop to the abuse is never easy when its family’
The ones who love are the ones who hurt
And i will never forget what you did to him

"Each song never stays in one genre, but slowly transitions from traditional melodic hardcore, to a heavier, sludgier, black-metal inspired sound to standard hardcore punk. Each song is an entire emotional journey, each lyric a revelation. This album is about the war traumatized folks, especially marginalized folks, are part of. Quińones rages against their mental illness, their abuser(s), and all the pain inflicted on them in their childhood and throughout their life."

Amygdala is:

Yole Centeno - Bass
Bianca Quiñones- Vocals
Carlos Zamora - Guitars
Cesar Bernal - Guitars
Alex Vazquez - Drums 

Amygdala, Punk
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