Armored Saint - Live at Dynamo Open Air (1989)


"One of the things that bothered us most about the early part of our career is that our record company (Chrysalis) and our management kept us from touring in Europe, This made absolutely no sense to us as we were influenced mainly by European bands. Well, in mid 1989 we got a chance to play Europe for the very first time in Holland at the Dynamo Club and the Dynamo Open Air Festival. It was a dream come true for all of us but especially for David Prichard, who had just been diagnosed with Leukemia. Check out this early version of Reign of Fire which we had just written which includes an alternate arrangement." - Joey Vera

Armored Saint performs for the first time ever in Europe live at Dynamo Open Air on May 15, 1989.

Set list:
1. March of the Saint (1:37)
2. Chemical Euphoria (5:08)
3. Stricken by Fate (9:50)
4. Reign of Fire (13:27)
5. Nervous Man (17:58)
6. Aftermath (21:34)
7. Seducer (26:07)
8. You're Never Alone (30:26)
9. Book of Blood (35:26)
10. Glory Hunter (41:53)
11. Can U Deliver (46:52)
12. Long Before I Die (49:57)
13. Raising Fear (52:40)

Heavy Metal
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