Awake For Days - Break Your Chains


Awake For Days - Break Your Chains awakefordaysofficial  | 
Director: Cristina Cerina 
Camera: Roberto Manca, Francesco Mulas 
One day I’ll find
The faith in god but it could be too late
One day
I’ll know how to find the path in my life
But it could be too late

We love
We hate
We Fight
We Wait
The lies we say just to keep us safe
Waiting for the sun to come up
Together again we wait for a brand new day

And you can’t even stop us now
This is a message for every one
Break your chains

Look inside of me
Lost Inside of me
Come into my brain
Look inside of me
It could be too late

Never and ever defeated
Failure is never permitted
Wake up now
Chase your dreams make em come true
Watch inside your self and let it all out

Cause one day I’ll see the truth in front of me
will you be following
you know the day as finally come
and now you can play

See trough my eyes the joy and the pain
blood sweat and tears coming down like a rain again
I know that you never feel
the same way I do stay away from me

Lay your hands on me
come into my brain
please don’t let me go
don't let me go.

It is not too late.

Hard Rock
Awake For Days, Hard Rock
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