Black Tusk - Red Eyes, Black Skies


Black Tusk - Red Eyes, Black Skies   
Album: Taste The Sin   
Relapse Records 

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Directed by Kevin Custer 
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Running through the mist, knee deep snow drifts,
Lungs tight, heart pounds, cannot back down
Hear them stalking, hot breathe, dark night, fear rips inside, no place to hide

Surrounded, trap down, first light, last dawn, their howls draw near, their hunt, my fear
Teeth shine, blood drips, fangs curl, snarled lips, slain by the beast, all hell unleashed

Red eyes, black skies
Red paints the land, signs of my last stand
Time to feed once again 

Stoner Rock
Black Tusk, Sludge Metal, Stoner Rock, Relapse Records
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