Blood Incantation - Inner Paths (to Outer Space)


Blood Incantation - Inner Paths (to Outer Space)   
Album: Hidden History of the Human Race   
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2019 Century Media Records 

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Cosmic death metal band BLOOD INCANTATION have joined forces with Century Media Records to release the band’s much anticipated second studio album, “Hidden History of the Human Race”, outside of North America, Mexico and Canada. Dark Descent Records will be handling the American release and the album.

BLOOD INCANTATION say the following about ‘Inner Paths (to Outer Space)’: 
“’Inner Paths (to Outer Space)’ is a meditative journey through the inner cosmos of the human mind. We improvised this track on psychedelics over a period of several months, allowing it to grow and evolve as it chose. The atmosphere is meant to allow the listener time and space to explore their own thoughts and go on their own journey before the epic brutality of the album returns for the final track.” 
The album will be released via Century Media Records as Limited Edition CD Digipak with green logo patch, Gatefold LP with 20 page booklet, lyric sheet, CD and poster as well as on all digital platforms. 
To order the album, please click here: 
Last copies of the light blue vinyl (limited to 200) are available at: 
For shirt bundles, please check out the band’s new European merch store: 
The North American edition released on Dark Descent Records on LP, CD, tape is available here:  

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