Bloody Hammers - Death Does Us Part


Bloody Hammers - Death Does Us Part
Album: Under Satan's Sun  

2014 Napalm Records 

Director: Robert W. Filion  

Bloody Hammers, the band revolving around the charismatic mastermind Anders Manga, release their third album "Under Satan's Sun" which follows once more the dark paths populated by sinister characters and spectral apparitions. Dark Occult Rock with a pinch of H.P. Lovecraft and Ray Bradbury is the main attraction of the show, when the master of ceremonies Anders Manga opens the gates to the nether world. "Under Satan's Sun" is a multilayered album that resembles a classic horror flick from the 70s. An album filled with charm, big refrains and a classy atmosphere. 

Heavy Metal
Bloody Hammers, Heavy Metal, Napalm Records
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