Breathing Theory - The Nothing


Breathing Theory - The Nothing       
EP: The Balance

Your eyes they light the way to move the stars, still I wonder what you are?!
Your soul it cast deep oceans in the sun. Still I wonder what you've become.

- Chorus -
You're not the only one, that feels like you're undone. Just keep holding on. Now rise and sing along.

The sky it meets horizons where you call, the moons align and fall. Have you become so lost? The oceans wait to cross!

Repeat chorus

So don't be so lonely, you're not the only one searching, for something you can be. We all need belonging.

Repeat Chorus

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Video credits:

Directed by Adam Bissett and edited by Brian Bertrand (director of photography)

Produced by Angie Javelina

Sandhi Gupta 1st AD
Holly Nelson 1st ac
Brendan Vardy gaffer
Nester Vera PA
Courtney Sacramo grip
Joseph Failla dolly grip
Eric Tomlin cable wrangler

Hard Rock
Breathing Theory, Hard Rock
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