Core - Killing Me


CORE "Killing Me" official music video (c) 2019 
Silverstone Records USA 
featuring Tom Sizemore 
Director: Bruce Haymer-Coleman 
Producer: James Fargo 
MGMT: Mike Quinn @ Silverstone USA 
CORE is an active rock band based in Austin, Texas whose music contains proud elements of harder active rock, modern post-grunge, and killer alt-rock with classic rock overtones from legendary influences. The new album "WHAT I AM" carves out each song with lyrics composed of real-life-events that reach deep inside the minds and hearts of rock fans. From harder songs, to breathtaking new-rock ballads, the young guys in this quartet lay out very catchy choruses while offering up relatable blunt-honest lyrics that combine with powerful guitar riffs listeners can feel. CORE stands out commercially with a familiar style that some radio programmers are calling "Refreshing" and "Needed" giving us the big artist GNR feel of 2017. Do not miss CORE when they perform live! 

Hard Rock
Core, Hard Rock, Silverstone Records USA
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