Crematory - Rise And Fall


Crematory - Rise And Fall                 
Album: Unbroken     
Napalm Records   

“Rise and Fall” symbolizes the “Tear of time” of the new age! With this song we have managed an absolute banger! I am sure that this track will be the new CREMATORY anthem!”

"Rise and Fall”, as well as the expressive music video, showcases both melodic and mercilessly heavy side of CREMATORY’s musical identity. They are spinning a web between their boundary-breaking origins and the newer, matured and more experienced approach the band developed while reflecting on own presence in the scene for the last 29 years. The single was created with OneSaidZero (Co-Production), who was also responsible for the remix of „Unbroken“. 

Heavy Metal
Crematory, Heavy Metal, Nap[alm Records
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