Crimson Shadows - Betrayed By Thy King


Crimson Shadows - Betrayed By Thy King                   
EP: The Resurrection                 
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Canadian melodic power/death metal quintet CRIMSON SHADOWS have returned with their powerful new digital EP, The Resurrection. The EP features a reimagining of the band’s 2007 track, “Betrayed By Thy King”, as well as blistering covers of STRATOVARIUS’s "Against The Wind" and DRAGONFORCE’s "Blackfire". This marks the new age of CRIMSON SHADOWS! 
Vocalist Jimi Patrick Maltais says about the video concept and track:
"The subject matter of the song is about a general in an army being betrayed by his king. The reason for the betrayal is that the king has gone mad and views his greatest general, who has always been loyal, as a threat. It takes influence from Game of Thrones and the blockbuster movie Gladiator." 

Death Metal
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