Dead Girls Academy - Cannibal


Dead Girls Academy - Cannibal 
Album: Alchemy 


Buy me roses, send me to church
give me whatever you think I deserve
call the doctor, bring me a nurse
it will not save me, it will not save me

Killer girl, why do you run
we are the same, it’s in our blood
you’re not a saint, but you can be loved
I can’t save you

Whoa, yeah, you’re such a cannibal
Whoa, yeah, I’ll let you eat me alive
all we are is a lie
I’m not saying goodnight, I am saying goodbye
time will not heal the pain
so bury your shame
you know it’s all the same
you’re so predictable

You build me up to break me down
you tried to run me out of town
don’t worry darling, ‘cause I’m sticking around
I’m gonna save you

Whoa, yeah
I’m such a cannibal
whoa, yeah
I’m gonna eat you alive

Directed by Dustin Smith
© Victory Records 2018

Hard Rock
Dead Girls Academy, Hard Rock
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