Deafheaven - Black Brick (Live)


Deafheaven - Black Brick (Live) 
Album: 'Ordinary Corrupt Human Love 

In 2018, Revolver went on the road with Deafheaven for our two-part documentary 'Corrupt Love Across America;' last month, we dropped in again, on a few of the West Coast tour dates on their co-headlining run with Baroness. The group's recently released stand-alone single "Black Brick" — a B-side from their excellent, adventurous fourth album, 'Ordinary Corrupt Human Love' — serves as a particularly vicious highlight of Deafheaven's set. In contrast to the heavily shoegaze-inflected atmosphere of many of the quintet's other songs, the nearly eight-minute composition is steeped in classic black-metal grimness and ferocity, both of which are only amplified live onstage. Watch the recent performance to see what we mean. 

Black Metal
Deafheaven, Black Metal
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