Deathstars - All The Devils Toys

Deathstars - All The Devils Toys
Album 'The Perfect Cult'
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'The Perfect Cult' will be out on June 13th (EU), June 16th (UK) and June 24th in US.

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The Swedish industrial rock band DEATHSTARS returns with a blast when they release their long anticipated fourth studio album »The Perfect Cult«.

While their predecessor, 2009's »Night Electric Night« was spawned with the band fairly off the hook of their »Termination Bliss« touring cycle, only to see the band hitting the road yet again. For the upcoming new output, DEATHSTARS finally managed to give themselves the needed time span to work in a "calm and methodic manner, fully exploring the music writing process which resulted in the most dramatic Deathstars album to date."

Besides their many headlining tours around the world over the years, the band also joined RAMMSTEIN's sold out arena streak for their "Made In Germany 1995-2011" European Tour 2011/2012. At the same time they released »The Greatest Hits On Earth«, a compilation presenting a decade of their tracks, released via Nuclear Blast.
»The Perfect Cult« has been captured in several studios: drums, guitars and bass were recorded in Bohus Sound Recording, Kungälv Sweden, vocals in Gig Studios in Stockholm, Sweden and keyboards, orchestration and editing was done in Black Syndicate, Stockholm. While the mix as usual was handled by legendary Stefan Glaumann (RAMMSTEIN, WITHIN TEMPTATION), guitarist/keyboardist Nightmare took
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