Descending - The Energy

Descending - The Energy
Album: The Birth, The Death, The Avarice . . .

Through, how many conditions, a human life has to pass, in order to make a full circle?

A video based on New Death Celebrity's concept, where the subject becomes a global figure after he passes away, witnessing his life going through the states of freedom, dogma, vanity, fame, loneliness, madness and finally death.
A dramatic course of a life, lived in claustrophobia, presented as an allegory

Produced by Jon Simvonis for MAGNUM PRODUCTION STUDIOS Co.
Directed by Jon Simvonis
Art Direction: Jon Simvonis
Production team: Thanasis Kara, Panos Siokos, Tonia T.
Starring: Nelli Imerai, Constantine Ryabinin
Bondage by Sadal Melik
Special Thanx
George and Nikos Eleftheras, Xenia Vitos, Vasilis Konstadilieris, Gabriel Loukeris, Thanos Karakassis and Redbull Energy Drink, Nina Wildrose and Tony Zagoraios
Death Metal
Descending, Death Metal
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