Dire Peril - Blood in the Ice


Dire Peril - Blood in the Ice
The video was directed by John Yelland and Produced by Jason Ashcraft.  
Director of Photography: Scott Warren 
Editor/Visual Effects: John Helghor 
Makeup Effects/Puppetmaster: Jonathon Aspittle  
Young Huntress - Samantha Millward 
Impatient Father - Walter Gene Mecham 
Protective Uncle - Shawn Conlin 

With this video we have launched a Pre-Order on our official website which is the only place you can snag a "The Extraterrestrial Compendium" T-Shirt. All Pre-Orders made on our site will get instant download of "Heart of the Furyan", "Queen of the Galaxy" and "Blood in the Ice". Check out the options here: http://direperil.com/shop/  

Don't forget you can also Pre-Order from our bandcamp: https://direperil.bandcamp.com/album/the-extraterrestrial-compendium 

Heavy Metal
Dire Peril, Heavy Metal
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