Dizastra - Vae Victus


Dizastra - Vae Victus 
Album: Elder Sun 

Filmed in Montreal, Quebec.
Video produced by Scratch Takes: https://www.scratchtakes.com 
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by: Carl Roberge 
Music written and performed by: Dizastra 
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The night came down like a wolf on the fold
As darkness bled from the heart of the world
The sheen of the stars were lost to the sea
black waves rolled on ever nightly

For the angel of death spread his wings on the blast
And breathed in the flames of the fires he passed
The eyes of the dead waxed cold and chill
Their hearts once heaved, forever grew still
For the blood of man, forever desires
To burn at the stake of a funeral pyre

I am crowned at dusk
In the Laurels ov night
Where the golden shafts lie broken

All things die while I remain
All things die while I remain

Vae Victus
Vae Victus

I ride a triumph through the streets of stone
To tacit noise and horns unblown
Flameless, the world recoils into sleep
unto nights within nights and deeps within deeps

Time stands so still
As fate overcomes will
Die by the sword
Or pay the price in this life
For you can't change what's been done

Thrash Metal
Dizastra, Thrash Metal
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