Drawn By Knives - Something More


Drawn By Knives - Something More 

BANDCAMP: https://drawnbyknives.bandcamp.com/ 
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/drawnbyknives/ 
SOUNDCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/user-561049717 
Guitars: Jeremiah Hahn
Guitars, Bass, Vocals: Sean Deming
Drums: Glenn Welman


And still these days I feel you
Crawling through my mind
Ripping and tearing at me
Lie after lie
Until there’s nothing left inside

For that pot of gold you’ll bleed
You’re your own worst enemy
And I’m bored

This all seems to feel just like before
It’s time for a different state of mind
I still feel like I need something more
(Like I need something more)

And maybe pain is just a little peace of mind
There to let you know you feel
That you’re not dead inside
Still inside some severed ties, they never bind

You close your eyes so you won’t see
You’ve become one of the sheep
And I’m bored

I saw all those bridges burning
I stood there and watched it all
I’ll set every one in flames to begin again
Come let’s watch these bridges burning
I can’t wait to watch them fall
Everyday more hate you’re learning
Soon you won’t feel at all

Music written by Jeremiah Hahn and Sean Deming
Lyrics written by Sean Deming
Recorded and Engineered by Sean Deming
Mixed by David Boyle at Union Sound Studios 

Heavy Metal
Drawn By Knives, Heavy Metal
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