Ensiferum - Way of the Warrior


Ensiferum - Way of the Warrior

Ensiferum "Way of the Warrior" from the "Two Paths" album. "Way of the Warrior" was produced by Tuomas Saukkonen and filmed by Valtteri Hirvonen. Ensiferum comments: "Hi folks! So here it is, our brand new video of the song ‘Way of the Warrior’. Like our music combines metal and folk elements so does this video. It was really great to be involved in the process more than we ever have been before and the result turned out to be fantastic! We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed recording the song and shooting the video. So turn the volume up to eleven, move your furniture a bit so that you have room for moshing and press play and spread the word by sharing with all your friends!” 

About Finnish sauna culture from Wikipedia: One of the first written mentions of what is believed to be the sauna customs of the forefathers of the Finns was written by the Nestor the Chronicler in 1112. He told of “hot wooden saunas in which naked bathers beat themselves with branches and finally pour cold water over themselves.” 

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