[EVERTRAPPED] - Sorrow (Nothing More In Between)


[EVERTRAPPED] - Sorrow (Nothing More In Between)   
Album: The Last Extinction     

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Scenario: James Brookes
Director of photography and cameraman: Luc Delorme
Assistant cameraman: Frederick Blanchette
Edited by Adrian Harper

A grey star! A grey star!
And there’s nothing more between...
What's divided, the limits that you earn.
Leaving me with what it seems I already knew.
Tasteless reunions and it's worthless to know the words...
Give it some time and you'll be just as scared as the rest.
And there's nothing more that you can bring to this table of sorrow,
And there's nothing more that you need to know.
The straight born shooter, it's all that I've learned from you.
Reckless and wanting, a funeral fit for kings.
Even in death no one is likely to get this,
The saddest thing is that you thought that you had it right...
And there’s nothing more between...
You....... and me......fuck you
And there's nothing more that you can bring to this table of sorrows,
And there's nothing more that you need to know.
She looked in me, and watched it bleed
No one can see, what she left behind
Can you see....? See the light, you left behind.
A grey star! The grey star!
It's not you! Fuck you!
Wait 'til you're alone with me, bleeding poisoned poetry.

Melodic Death Metal
Arch Enemy, Persefone, Whitechapel, Death, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Evertrapped, Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal
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