Genocide - Stillborn (Live)

Genocide - Stillborn (Live)

Artist city, country: New Brunswick, New Jersey, U.S.A.

Artist Biography: “How do you wanna die? Wasted! Wasted! Wasted!"

I think Crystal Pistol said it best: Everybody hates you when you love rock n’ roll. New Jersey’s punk-metal sleaze n’ roll deathkings Genocide were way ahead of the curve on that bit of sour alchemy, and these days, if they are are remembered at all, it’s usually with a dismissive sneer. Take, for example, Jack Rabid’s one-line summation of the band, in his Trouser Press review of their first record, the “Last Rites” split EP with hardcore legends MIA (Smoke Seven, 1981):

“Last Rites contains a side each by M.I.A. and New Jersey's Genocide (about whom the less said the better).”

That’s it. That’s all you get. And that’s one of the nicer Genocide mentions in the rock press. But, you know, fuck the critics. Genocide were a full-throttle, skull fucking rip-ride of hardcore sex, ghetto drugs, and berserk violence, a supersonic nailgun of Aquanet and mascara and spikes and splatterpunk and slutmetal. And this was way before most of that shit was even invented, brother. Led by shadowy charlatan and full-bore suicidal egomaniac Bobby EBZ, for one very brief but blinding moment in the late 80’s, Genocide threatened to rip rock n roll’s heart right out of it’s leather-clad chest and eat it whole. It didn’t happen, of course, and for good reason. I bet yr already ahead of me on this.

From my Boston's Weekly Dig column, “Hard Rock Gets You Laid”, January, 2003.

Director Name: Robert Sexton
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