Heidevolk - A Wolf In My Heart


Heidevolk - A Wolf In My Heart  
Album: Vuur Van Verzet  

Napalm Records  

Says the band: “Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, today we present you the official video for “A Wolf in My Heart” a track from our latest album “Vuur van Verzet”. This song tells a heroic tale about the resilience of man and is captured in a beautiful animation by Awik Balaian. The wolf in our hearts is the primal instinct to survive. We did not choose to be born, we did not choose to become, but there is a will to live inside of us. A will to fight for what is ours and to oppose those who seek to oppress us. We will not linger in the dark but gather those who will fight with us and rise to make our voice be heard. Unleash the wolf in your hearts for the Pagan Metal Brotherhood is on the rise!" 
produced by Awik Balaian, Maurice Swinkels & Heidevolk 

Heavy Metal
Heidevolk, Heavy Metal
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