Julien-K - Institution

Julien-K "Institution"
Video by Zoe Kavanagh

Music taken from the album California Noir - Chapter Two: Nightlife in Neon, out now:

Face Your Demons. #DemonHunterfilm
Available August 15th on VOD through Wild Eye Releasing

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Lurking in the shadows of society, within the rich and powerful, is the true essence of evil. A young girl, Taryn Barker, descends into this dark underworld to search for her sister Annabelle. But when her sister is raped and murdered, Taryn vows to take revenge. She survives a demonic possession that should have killed her during a satanic ritual, and is rescued by a team of demon hunters who train her to fight evil. Years later, Taryn is detained by police and questioned over the murder of a man who she believes to be a demon. As the bodies pile up, Police Detective Beckett is forced to seek Taryn's aid in rescuing his daughter from a demonic cult. Running against the clock, Taryn must venture into the darkest depths of the city to save Beckett's daughter and prevent a potential Hell on Earth.

Movie Directed by Zoe Kavanagh
Niamh Hogan
Kevin O'Malley
Michael Parle
Alan Talbot
Sarah Tapes Richardsen
Aisli Moran
Shane Robinson
Nic Furlong
Julien-K, Orgy, Alternative
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