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Kamelot - Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire) ft. Lauren Hart 
Album: The Shadow Theory 
Napalm Records


Following the release of the chart topping album "Haven" (#1 Hard Rock Billboard), KAMELOT finally releases the highly anticipated album "The Shadow Theory". The Shadow Theory was produced by acclaimed music producer Sascha Paeth and mastered by Jacob Hansen. A massive piece of work that will more than please critics and fans alike. Guests on the album include Lauren Hart (Once Human), Jennifer Haben (Beyond The Black) and Sascha Paeth. The amazing cover and artwork was created by Stefan Heilemann. 
It's time to step into the dystopic and psychological world of The Shadow Theory. Kamelot returns with a dystopian inspired vision of the future for the song "Phantom Divine". In the not too distant future, our memories and thoughts will be extracted and transferred to synthetic AI. Our carbon based bodies will no longer be needed and eventually discarded. On "Phantom Divine" we explore this vision of a world where we are replaced by AI. Welcome to the Shadow Industries Transference Division...Welcome to the Phantom Divine (Shadow Empire)!  

Heavy Metal
Kamelot, Heavy Metal, Napalm Records
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