King 810 - Hellhounds


King 810 - Hellhounds                  
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"I still wantem to eat but they're gonna have to be at a different table."

attention your gods talking the one you idolize and all copy
if you were anything at all like me

you'd hate your own guts and cut your wrists
I want all of your dead bodies on the lawn and I want the law on me
and I wanna give whatever I got to your bitch

tho I remain guilty they ask me how I plead
plead? I don't plead to no man
I don't get on my knees

I'm goin to hell oh well who's comin with me
I'm goin to hell for what
for the murder of my enemies

listen my rods talking the one that I used in my last homi
when that ol dog it starts barkin it'll rip you apart like a pack of wolves
hell hounds on me I'm Rob Johnson
I got problems we all gottem where I'm from
we don't love each other we love hate we hate love

women and children die first there are no rules when we go to war
I owe a few mothers my first born and my second born and my third born
seems like a had a heart once he died in my arms there was so much blood
I could smell his insides and I've smelled it everyday since
when his soul left
now the scar tissue's so thick on my wrists and the torn muscles in my neck
time heals all wounds because time means death

who gives a fuck

Heavy Metal
King 810, Heavy Metal
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