Lakeman - 25,000 + Hectares


Lakeman - 25,000 + Hectares                     
EP - Progenitor  

The track is the shortest LM song ever recorded clocking in at a little over 7 minutes. The song is a sonic meditation inspired by the forest wildfires that sweep through the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, Canada on an annual basis. 

The band adds about the track: 

“The Ponderosa pine in the area relies on fire to open its cone husks to spread its seeds. Destruction breeds creation. The song’s birth was quick yet meaningful. It had a feeling of something writing itself or being channeled by an unknown source. The song balances two simple chords breathing back and forth through different forms of intensities. Josh Pym screams falsetto’s through the pickups in his guitar while Josh Bissonette weaves a harsh bellowing electronic ambiance over top of the pulsing rhythm section.” 

“Progenitor” is available for stream and download via Bandcamp - 

Progressive Metal
Russian Circles, Mogwai, Lakeman, Progressive Metal
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