Lionheart - Trial By Fire


Lionheart - Trial By Fire                         
Album: Welcome To The West Coast II     



And we were Just kids
When we started this shit
Made a lot of mistakes, man
But it is what is
Trusted some pieces of shit
That only cared about them
Set fire to the bridge
And haven't looked back since
Do you remember when?
Yeah way back when
We were sleeping in the van
And saving change back then
Ha, I swear to god
Those were the days back then
I Never thought it would end

Thank you for the long drives
The late nights
All the inside jokes
And all the fights
Thank you for the best time of my life
Even when I was down
You made me feel alive

No handouts
& no hype
No record label tryna tell us
What to sound like
And I'm the same mother fucker
Still built on struggle
We were never that good
We just knew how to hustle...

We used to give a damn
But never gave a fuck
Tank full of gas
Van full of bad luck
Now I'm running down a dream
Like it never was enough
And now I'm tryna say goodbye
But I'm getting choked up
Like "oh no, I can't let go"
Still Running down a dream
A thousand miles from my home
And yeah we took a break
But this is all I know
And now the road is calling my name
And I wanna go...

The open road will forever be my home
Singing loud with the windows down...
"Wherever I May Roam"

Director: Molux Imago 

Lionheart, Hardcore
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