Lovebites - Shadowmaker


Lovebites - Shadowmaker      
Album: Awakening From Abyss (US Edition) | 2017

Lovebites | Tokyo | Japan

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LOVEBITES - Awakening From Abyss (US Edition)
Released: October 25th, 2017
Via: Sliptrick Records

Mixed by Mikko Karmila
Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios, Helsinki, Finland


Shadowmaker (lyrics)

Caught in the noise, my thoughts are destroyed
Trapped in the silence, it’s so hard to breathe
But still I go on, my hunger is strong
Hoping that someone will grab my hand

Stranded by moonlight I realize the cold of this world
Maybe it’s too late?
No one can save me from all of the darkness and solitude

Cry, like shadows of the night
I carry all the pain inside to justify why I’m alive
Despite going through this hell
Cause still my heart has hope
No matter if I’m torn apart, I’ll play my part
Before I drown with secret thoughts of my heart

Reckless and fast, how long will I last?
Dancing like puppets, I’m empty inside
Fighting the fear, and grieving the dear
Hoping that someday I’ll be repaid

Only my echoing heartbeats can prove that I’m here
Am I all alone?
Even a faint light is too bright for me, I can’t see a thing

Hide, in shadows I reside
I tremble like a heartless soul, no place to go
In desolated land knowing no escape
But still I wish to live
Just waiting for a somebody to notice me
Before I fall down to depths of the abyss

SOLO: Midori / Mi-ya / Mi-ya & Midori / Mi-ya


Lovebites are:
Asami – Lead Vocals
Midori – Guitar
Miho – Bass
Haruna – Drums
Mi-ya – Guitar, Keyboards

Power Metal
Lovebites, Power Metal
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