Manegarm - Sons of War


Manegarm - Sons of War     
Album: Legions of the North     
Napalm Records 

At the shimmering break of dawn a battle was fought in a land far north... 
Sons of War is the brand new video from Månegarm, taken from our new album Legions of the North. The video was shot in the surroundings of the small town Gärdsjö in Sweden by Fredrik Agne' (Fragutopia production) and as you can see we also got some great help from the Viking reenactment group Gärdsjöriddarna (knights of Gärdsjö). Among lots of cool stuff, they had built their own Viking house in the exact same way that our ancestors built em'; with logs, peat and wooden bolts and bricks!
So unite brothers and sisters and join our Northern sons as they fight an epic battle on the great plains of Vigrid...  
Cheers // Månegarm 

Heavy Metal
Manegarm, Heavy Metal, Napalm Records
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