Max Pie - Earth's Rules

Max Pie - Earth's Rules

Max Pie plays on this video the original song Earth's Rules, one of the best power and progressive metal music style on the new album "Eight Pieces - One World", available on Mausoleum Records

Influenced by famous and greatest bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X, Circus Maximus, Kamelot and Evergrey, Max Pie is a Prog/Power Metal Band from Belgium. Founded in 2005, they started to play rock covers and in 2009, Max Pie started to plays original songs. The first full album "Initial Process" was released in 2011. After some line up changes, and a tour with Jon Oliva's Pain, Max Pie released his second opus called "Eight Pieces - One World" : more progressive and more powerful. In 2014, the band started to work on his third album. This one called "Odd Memories" will be released in 2015.

You can listen Max Pie's new songs in this playlist :

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See the smoke that reaches the sky vision of sins
See the colors of our crimes Deep in the sea
We used to glance beyond the stars
Now we don’t know where we are

We forgot the truth to preach the lies
We forgot that we have just one , that cannot live until the end of time
If blinded by desires we cross the border line

Earth’s rules

We’re working like little ants blinded by the gains
We don’t care about signs It will be so hard in our way
We can’t hear the songs of sirens Chaos and destruction
They are talking ‘bout future our reason is fading away
Lost in the haze of the power we build on the sand

Mother earth sends us signs to let us choose our way
We pray for a celestial miracle when we see the black crows
When we’ll feel the disease we’ll remember the laws

Earth’s rules

Protect the world forget the masquerade you've done
How many days and how many troubles
The end of the world has already begun
How many signs to avoid disaster
We are lost, we've drifted far

Portraits from the other side closer than we realize
Maybe, there’s no chance to change our way
We need to respect the pact kill the system behind the mask
Sacred Mother Earth ‘s near to collapse
All the things that we used to dream we've drifted far
Progressive Metal
Max Pie, Power Metal
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