Moonspell- Alma Mater (Live)


OMoonspell- Alma Mater (Live)
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Says Fernando: 
"Moonspell’s ALMA MATER holds for us the true meaning of this Latin expression. It talks about something bigger which unite us, and it’s not God, Politics or football but an eternal sense of belonging and returning. That’s why ALMA MATER is the biggest Moonspell song. Enjoy it in its home country, our Alma Mater Portugal!!!" 
Recorded live at Campo Pequeno, Lisboa, Portugal on 4th February 2017.  
MIKE GASPAR (drums) 
PEDRO PAIXÃO (keyboards) 
Directed by Victor Castro  
Produced by Story:WeProduce 
Multitrack Recording by LastStep (Filipe Trigo | João Neves | Renato Grilo) 
Mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios 
Audio Post-Production: Victor Castro 

Executive Production by Fernando Ribeiro for Worst Case Scenario  

With this epic performance Moonspell once again showcase their reputation as one of Europe’s best live bands. 

A unique and solemn spell seems to shroud every spot as soon as Portuguese alchemists Moonspell enter the stage – and it was a very special evening indeed when the band played an exceptional show at the Campo Pequeno arena in their hometown Lissabon on February 4th, 2017. That inimitable bond between the gothic metal act and 4.000 of their fans in the sold-out venue is pure electricity, captured for all eternity on the massive DVD / Blu-ray package Lisboa under the spell. Three discs cover the cult albums Wolfheart, Irreligious and Extinct (all three performed live in full-length!) and in addition boast a very intimate one-hour documentary offering a glimpse behind the scenes. It was definitely about time, since Moonspell aficionados have been thirsting for a new DVD ever since Lusitanian Metal (2008)! Thus Lisboa under the spell is not simply a visual testimony to the success of Portugal`s biggest metal band – it is a celebration of the unbound creativity and pure magic that is Moonspell. 

Gothic Metal
Moonspell, Gothic Metal
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