Nonpoint - Remember Me (A Frontlines Tribute)


Nonpoint - Remember Me (A Frontlines Tribute)   

Essential by definition is something that is absolutely necessary; extremely important. A worker can be defined as person who does a specific kind of work. A person who achieves a specified thing as in, “They are working miracles.” With this video our band is celebrating only one thing. We hope you will join us to honor, give thanks, cheer and revere those who are essential. Who work countless hours and months on end. Who put their lives at risk to keep you safe. Who leave their families just to help you feed yours. Who give their service to brave the frontlines of something mankind faces together. Who you may never meet, have the opportunity to say thank you to or who’s name you may never know.

Help us by sharing this video with every EMT, nurse, doctor, soldier, officer, firefighter, grocery store worker, postal worker, teacher, delivery person, news reporter, scientist, researchers and beyond doing everything they can to get home to their families but selflessly putting our lives first during this global pandemic. COVID-19 may be slowing us down a little, but 2020 is not over yet. Streaming LIVE on YouTube now, we present the efforts of our team, the editing and concept of Francesca Ludikar and over 200 ESSENTIAL workers coming together to help us pay tribute to their efforts. We couldn’t have done it without our 361 family and angels in disguise. This is Nonpoint history in the making, our newest song and new video, “Remember Me.”

The video is clip after clip of 233 essential workers/fans of Nonpoint, holding signs of the lyrics to Remember Me. A frontlines tribute to essential workers everywhere. Nonpoint is a metal band from South Florida with Latin roots and a message of positivity and triumph in the face of adversity painted throughout their 20 year catalogue.

Song is mixed and mastered by Rob Ruccia of Uptown Recording
Video was produced and edited by Francesca Ludikar

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