One Step From The Edge - Believe


One Step From The Edge - Believe  
Recorded at "Suncord audiolab " studios by Achilleas Kalantzis  
Videos from "Polychoros Agora" live stage, Ioannina 
Video Editing by Kostas Pourgiazis 
Music performed by One Step From The Edge 
Lyrics by Alex Seretis 

All Rights reserved by One Step From The Edge ©2018  

I desecrate your martyrs 
I suffocate your pride 
I rise upon your altars  
‘n’dye them with your fright 
I'm waiting for a reason  
For a miracle to hold 
A light within the darkness 
To suppress my rising doubt 
Can't hear you...can't hear you...can't hear you...can't hear 
Lord...I'm in denial...why can't you see  
those chains cannot restrain my mutiny 
So...I'm on a trial...but can't believe  
my faith is getting weaker when I'm free 
When I’m free...I am free... 

I desecrate your silence 
I subjugate your world 
I rise upon your masters 
that kneel before the gold 

Heavy Metal
One Step From The Edge, Heavy Metal
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