Ovtlier - Who We Are


Ovtlier - Who We Are   

Instagram: @Ovtlier 

Music Video Directed by Jesse Conti 
Who We Are Songwriters: Joey Arena and Justin "JD" de Blieck
Who We Are Proudced by Justin "JD" de Blieck
Who We Are Mixed & Mastered by Steve Sopchek

Copyright Ovtlier 2020
Distribution: InGrooves Music Group & The Label Group

"Who We Are"

If these walls could talk
They'd cave right in
I lost myself along the way
(follow in the footsteps of sin)
Hiding in the corners of my head
(it follows me home)
Creating waves from within
(to swallow me whole)

Underneath the weight i lay here broken
We are, we are who we are
The voice is in my head and now i cant control it
We are, we are who we are

Buried beneath it all
I feel i've lost control
Losing sleep, falling endlessly into a hole
As i slip, slip away and forget all i know
I fear one day rock bottom is where ill build my home

I'm controlled within
its part of me spitefully fighting me
digging its claws in my skin
(ive become a prisoner of all i have to fear)

Nu Metal
Ovtlier, Nu Metal
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