Perseus - Signal Degradation


The first single off of Perseus' debut album, Rise.

Filmed by Eric Xton in Pawhuska, Ok.

Perseus is an Oklahoma based metal band.

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Everyone whispered in my ear  
you"re not strong enough for the storm 
Today I told everyone, I am the storm 
Forget everything and run or 
Face everything and rise 
Everything you want is on the other side 
To live by choice not by chance 
To make changes not excuses 
To be motivated not manipulated 
To be strong and competent 
When we are awake, above the skyfall all made of light 
Feel what you feel but don't ever let it control your life 
Sleep, dream, and wake with a blazing heart fire up in the fever 
Searched for the darkest soul, its beautiful but hard and cold. 

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Heavy Metal
Perseus, Heavy Metal
  • Deathcore Dad

    ARE YOU CRAZY???!!! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?!?!?!!?!?!?

  • Chris Miss

    Amazing song. I like the part when it goes Yeet! XD

  • Daberino McGee

    I like the part when they said . RICE!

  • Lacey

    That was pretty Brutal!!! Great video, killer Music...all around badass!!

  • Jeremy

    Hell yes!!!