Planeswalker - The Forever Serpent


Planeswalker - The Forever Serpent   

Featuring current and past members of Power Metal group Helion Prime 

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Planeswalker is... 
Sozos Michael - Vocals 
Jason Ashcraft - Guitars 

Guest Musicians on 'The Forever Serpent' 
Chelsea McMasters - Bass 
Alex Nasla - Keyboards 
Alex Bosson - Drums 

Mixed and Mastered by Alex Nasla at Gear Gods Studio

Filmed/Edits by Heather O'Bitts at Yung Broctography 
Additional filming and edits by Sozos Michael

Elders mocked me, small and frail
Turned to prey now, see them quail

Your kings now bow to me, my will is your command
A god to end all gods, I will return
to open the gate to the promised land

Through violence I will claim what I deserve
I have been the first to see the sun rise over Dominaria
and I will be the last

Rip these souls out of their husks
Touch them once then blow away the dust

To godhood I ascend, the Elderspell provides
Your spark is mine, a new reality
that breaks the flow of time

Through violence I reclaim what I deserve
I have been the first to see the sun rise over Dominaria
I am the storm that shall assail the planes
We begin again
The future and the past all bear my name

I am the light that flays the flesh from bone
I have built a throne where I shall sit alone
for all eternity
My spark is gone but one day I'll return
And this storm shall rage
Until the multiverse's final page

Power Metal
Planeswalker, Power Metal
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