RAM - Blades of Betrayal


RAM - Blades of Betrayal
Album: The Throne Within
Order at: http://www.metalblade.com/ram 

2019 Metal Blade Records 

Song written by: Harry Granroth and Oscar Carlquist 
Produced by RAM 
Firemoon productions present a Graph Wizz Films film. 
Directed by: Jani Korhonen 
Director of photography: David Eric Nilsson. 
Editor: David Eric Nilsson 
Production design: David Eric Nilsson and RAM 
Production assistant: Erika Hansson 
Starring in order of appearance: 
The journalist: Markus Gällerspång 
The abductor: Niklas Hultberg
Oscar Carlquist: Vocals
Harry Granroth: Lead Guitar
Morgan Pettersson: Drums
Tobias Petterson: Bass
Martin Jonsson: Lead Guitar
The goon with a gun: Johnny "Mucca" Corno
Story written by: Oscar Carlquist 

Heavy Metal
RAM, Heavy Metal, Metal Blade Records
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