Red Cain - Zero


Red Cain - Zero
Album: Kindred: Act I

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For the "ZERO" video, RED CAIN collaborated with world-class director Rik Zak and cinematographer Jun Ren to recreate their own vision of the vampire myth based on the tale of Osiris - the Egyptian god of the dead - and incorporated this vision into the concept behind the album itself.  

Filmed in the dystopian, eye-catching, and inhospitable badlands of Drumheller, Alberta, the story-driven video features Red Cain frontman Evgeniy Zayarny alongside R.A.V. - the singer of power metal collective Ravenous: EH, in the main roles, and follows the track's lyrical content in exploring the relationship between fate and free will, success and failure, the search for immortality - and an inglorious death. 
With the video of "ZERO", we travel to ancient Egypt – dry, scorched, old as time, built on top of dead empires; littered with secrets and the devoured remains of hundreds of gods.  
And it is one of these that speaks to you now; the vampire god, the god of death Osiris – and his human vessel, the seeker of forbidden knowledge that may be, in the grand stillness of the desert, ultimately equal to nothing.

Seek – and you shall find; create – and you will be remembered; perish – and be forgotten. So goes the mantra of the mighty and the hope of the weak. So goes the endless cascade toward ZERO. 

As light begins to crawl  
Ebbing slowly  
Time will try to pull me down  
Into myself  
Eviscerate this pain  
Just for a moment!  
And say  
“Death waits for no one,  
So let’s set the world on fire”  
Fire in your hands  
Winter has come and the white is your eyes  
Red are the skies, secret your name  
I’ll die to be you in the blink of an eye  
Sell me your promise of grace  
Bridge the gap, cold as ice  
I know I am not enough  
Inject your virus into me  
I’m not the man I used to know  
Taste my blood, bring me out  
Lay me cold onto their waiting arms  
Give me life, let me breathe
Carmine phantom flying free!
And I finally see clear
As I’m burning up inside
I’m the firstborn of Osiris
Twisted, hungry, and alive!
When I died, you’ve forgotten  
What it means to wield the sword
But I’ll kill for you, my lover
In this world, this dying world
Can this really be freedom
In this strict paradise
Close your eyes for one moment
Death’s facade cast aside
Count your blessings in hate!
And you’ll feel like a king
When you awaken
And the world goes around
And you’ll fake it
And this fire in your blood
This is god now
This is rock n’ roll

Though you stood in the Sun
You’re vacant
To the sands of time, you’re zero
I can see through your eyes
Only corpses
All in blood & gold!

Video Credits:

Director: Rik Zak
Cinematographer: Jun Ren
Writers: Evgeniy Zayarny & Rik Zak
Featuring: Evgeniy Zayarny (Red Cain) & R.A.V. (Ravenous)
Makeup/Bodypainting: Lucie Brouillard
Clothing: DICIB by Shae Dean Barry
Prop Designer: Gina Zak
Hedgehog: Violet aka Puff Puff
Small Animal Handler: Kristen Fischbuch
Script Supervisor: Blaise Zak
Key Grip: Arun Chaturvedi
Grip One: Igor Zayarny
Grip Two: Noah Bockmuehl
Location Scout: Gary Walsh

Filmed onsite at Midland Provincial Park, Drumheller, Alberta, Canada 
Special thanks to Alberta Film and Alberta Culture and Tourism 
A Wu Long Films production 
© Red Cain 2019 

Progressive Metal
Red Cain, Prog Metal
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