Rivers of Nihil - Where Owls Know My Name

Rivers of Nihil
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Album "Where Owls Know My Name".

Director : David Brodsky for MyGoodEye (http://www.mgenyc.com)
Producers : Allison Woest and Rivers of Nihil
Editor : Allison Woest and David Brodsky
Cameras : David Brodsky, Allison Woest and Mike Compitello

Special appearances by:
Andy Thomas
Zach Strouse
Stephan Lopez

And then I wished you away
I lost those memories
Of the days we weren’t
Forsaken, why don’t we
Just relax our eyes
and fall into a dream
let it take my mind
Where owls know my name

And it gets colder every day

Lost in eternity’s grasp
Withdrawing further from what we have known
This mentality that we’ve built;
It’s breaking down
Still running away from it, you’re still dreaming
Still hoping that there’s something that may be worth seeking
You’ve wasted all that you have been given
Still hoping to find a way to make life worth living

Lost in eternity’s grasp
We’ll find no way to weather the storm
This mentality that we’ve built;
It’s breaking down

All the same;
Every path you take
You remain
Trapped within your shame

Go away, far away
Separate, from the shame

I’ve brought myself to this place
Where only owls would know me
This reality that I’ve built
Is an empty space
Technical Metal
Rivers of Nihil, Technical Metal, Metal Blade Records
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