Sabaton - Fields of Verdun


Sabaton - Fields of Verdun
Album: The Great War 
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=========== "Fields of Verdun" LYRICS ========== 

As the drum roll started on that day, heard a hundred miles away 
A million shells were fired and the green fields turned to grey 

The bombardment lasted all day long, yet the forts were standing strong
Heavily defended, now the trap has been sprung and the battle has begun

Descend into darkness
303 days below the sun

Fields of Verdun
And the battle has begun
Nowhere to run
Father and son
Fall one by one
Under the gun

Thy will be done
And the judgement has begun
Nowhere to run
Father and son
Fall one by one
Fields of Verdun

Though a million shells have scarred the land, no one has the upper hand
From the ground above to trenches, where the soldiers make their stand

As the trenches slowly turn to mud, and then quickly start to flood
Death awaits in every corner, as they die in the mud, fill the trenches with blood

Fields of execution turned to wasteland from the grass
Thou shalt go no further it was said they shall not pass
The spirit of resistance and the madness of the war
Go ahead!
Face the led!
Join the dead!
Though you die!
Where you lie!
Never asking why!


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Heavy Metal
Sabaton, Heavy Metal
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