Sangre - Death March


Sangre - Death March

"Death March" is available for download on our bandcamp page @ 
The song will appear on our album, "Mas Fuerte Que La Muerte" which we will be releasing summer 2019.

This song lyrically touches on The current situation of "Living wages" vs "Cost of living". Focusing on the stress, depression, and neglect of personal health and family just trying to survive in this high demand world.

An actual epidemic in Japan known as "Karoshi" or overworking to survive which in many cases results in suicides or fatigue leading to death.


KAROSHI! We’re working ourselves to death!
Yet living! Paycheck to paycheck!
We’re one disaster away from losing everything!
The stress & fatigue is slowly killing me!

Something’s got to give! This, is no, way to, Live!

American Dream! Only exists while you sleep!
Feeling worthless! Can’t provide for my family!
Bills are overwhelming, depression takes over me!
Less productive, self-destructive, Marching towards our graves!

Something’s got to give! This, is no, way to, Live!
Something’s got to give! What more, can I, Give!?

I’ve given my blood, sweat, and tears!!!

I will not, keep living this way!
Sacrificing health & neglecting family!
To meet your deadlines & feed your corporate machine!
Need to disconnect myself, unplug and liberate!!!

Something had to give! X2

I could no longer live!

All for just enough to get by! Fuck that daily grind!
Too precious is my time! They get nothing! It’s only for me & mine!
This is where I draw the Line!!!

Music written, produced and performed by: SANGRE
Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by: Jerry Whiting @ Room 9 Studios in Redlands, California.

Music Video Directed by: Addasi Addasi
Camera: Anthony Ramirez
Editors: Addasi Addasi & Anthony Ramirez
Video effects: Anthony Ramirez & X Tudo Obeze
Additional Camera: X Tudo Obeze
Actor: Leonardo Chuck

Henry "El Sangron" Sanchez - Vocals
Mike Reyes - Guitars
Josh Durante - Drums, Percussion
Sergio Lopez - Bass 

Heavy Metal
Sangre, Heavy Metal
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