Scum of the Earth - Bombshell From Hell

Scum of the Earth - Bombshell From Hell
Album: Sleaze Freak
Eclipse Records

Former Members of Rob Zombie

LYRICS: Devil woman slut strut your lust God sold his soul put the devil on the cross Blood of the whore dead man desire Skin turns red and eyes to fire Well feed me lies lap dance me dead Tie me up and do it again Tattooed thighs no breath inside her Spit my soul into the fire Bombshell from hell Godless Jezebel Bombshell from hell Got no soul to sell Nazi demon nine lives snake eyes Got black leather wings hustle under red lights SS death stomp girls for hire Strip Club demon this girls on fire Well beat me like I'm already dead Wrap your tail around my neck Silver tongue pitchfork beside her Spread your legs become desire

Directed by Ron Najor
Featuring Riggs (Rob Zombie)

© 2007 Eclipse Records / Scum of the Earth. All rights reserved
Heavy Metal
Scum of the Earth, Rob Zombie, Heavy Metal, Groove Metal, Eclipse Records
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