Static X - Bring You Down (Project Regeneration)


From the new album Project Regeneration Volume 1 featuring the last vocal performances of Wayne Static and the original lineup. Get it now at: https://lnk.to/projectregeneration 

Music performed by Static-X in 2019 
Static-X is:
Wayne Static – Ken Jay - Tony Campos – Koichi Fukuda - Xer0
Produced by Xer0
Mixed by Ulrich Wild
Video directed by Xer0
Co-Directed by Matt Zane
Visual FX by Chris Davis for Human 12
Additional video editing by Ed McDonough for Crash Fx Group.


You were the one to be true
To be down, I was
Out of the black, you brought
Me into the light now

Now take your little pills
Headlong to overkill
Resent me ‘cause I
Represent what you hate, don’t wait

Now or never pull you under
I don’t wanna wait to bring you down
I don’t know why you’ve become what
I’ve been hating time to bring you down

Bring me up until you
Bring me down take me to
Hell bring me back I can’t
Tell in the black – bring it back

I don’t wanna wait
So I’m gonna say this right now
I feel my mind is going
My discontent showing
And now I know, I know
I’ve got to bring you down

Nu Metal
Static-X, Wayne Static, Nu Metal
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