Stone Sour - Tired


Stone Sour - Tired
Album: House of Gold & Bones, Pt. 1
Roadrunner Records 

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I'm alive in here 
So alive in here 
Pulling down a little peace 

I'm open wide in here
Slow to rise in here
Saving grace and killing me

You say this only makes me incomplete
I'm canceled out and rendered obsolete
Tell the mad chameleon he's not welcome anymore
I know what I'm looking for

Somewhere close, somewhere safe
Somewhere I know
I know I'll never live in chains

The one is now aware
So stay away from me
I'm just too young to care

I can see in here
I can feel in here
Comatose with common sense
I take my time in here
Somebody get me out of here
What am I so against?

I just want to watch the whole world burn
Lost a million times and I won't learn
Show me someone innocent, I'll show you there's no proof
I may be gone but I'm no fool

I'm not close
I'm not safe
I don't know
Don't know
Am I better off in chains?

Heavy Metal
Stone Sour, Heavy Metal, Roadrunner Records
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