Tales of the Tomb - Sinful Messiah (Lyric Video)


Tales of the Tomb - Sinful Messiah (Lyric Video)       
album:  Volume Two: Mendacium     

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Video directed by Nathan Sargeant of Entruvia 
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Sinful Messiah Lyrics

“Jesus is coming back? Did he forget something? Nope. Jesus is coming back for armageddon”

David Koresh the master
The one who would save them all
Destined to be a disaster
For he watched the building fall

The compound burned down no one alive was found
83 succumb due to the Branch Davidians
They were lost in a fire of David's true desire
To be the one who knows the weapons weren't for show

There's people looking in, they're staring at my sin
Time to cock back the guns David preached not to Run
With ATF weapons drawn I know it won't be too long
Until the walls crumble Down then David wears his crown

David Koresh thoughts depress
He would put you in duress
Would force women to undress
He would always try to feed you
But he'd never try to please you
He'll consume your mind and body

Our sinful messiah
My sinful messiah

He'll lead you into belief
Separate you from your grief
Thought he could heal
But only if he broke the seventh seal

I cry for the sinful messiah
I will die for the sinful messiah

David and the seventh seal
David and the seventh seal

Even though he has passed
His legacy will last
Few have escaped alive
To them the truths a lie
They fought back with their guns
To protect the sun
They repent in fear
That David is no longer here

I will siege you
In your fortress
blind you with light
wake you at night
I will siege you

I will Cry For My Sinful Messiah
To take us away

We were lost
We were found
Then burnt into the ground

Death Metal
Tales of the Tomb, Death Metal
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