Tales of the Tomb - The Nightmare Hall (Lyric Video)


Tales of the Tomb - The Nightmare Hall (Lyric Video)         
Album: Volume Two: Mendacium 
Order Volume Two: Mendacium here: https://talesofthetomb.bandcamp.com/ 
Video directed by Nathan Sargeant of Entruvia 
For commission inquiries: entruviacreates@gmail.com 
“I killed two of ‘em, yes they’re mortal, and they do...die”

Below the ground is a hidden place
Experimentations from an unknown race
Abductees taken to the lower floor
Fallen prey to a hidden war

We are becoming human slaves
Through an alien take over
Putting us in our graves

Lies told to protect us from the truth
Ignorance fed to create the uncouth
This war has started and hear is the proof

Governments keeping elements unknown
To prevent themselves from being overthrown

What was thought to be modern day realizations
Already done by ancient civilizations

A new world order one government
Creating punishment

A secret plan to kill us all
Lives will end in the Nightmare hall

Taken down into darkness
Manipulated by the Heartless

Starting to experiment
What they’ll do is permanent

Ripping into my Ribs
Dislocating all my limbs

Being held down by chains
Drilling into my brains

They have will have no remorse
Things will get worse

Bright lights will overtake
This will be our mistake

They have come down from the sky
What they do will mortify

Building bases underground
Making earth their playground

They have come here to take us
Turning our planet to dust

Our own catastrophe
Can we stop this tragedy

They are mortal and they do die
Soon war ships will paint the sky

They will bring advanced warfare
Leaving us without a prayer

They are mortal and they do die
Soon war ships will paint the sky

They will bring advanced warfare
We will need to prepare

——Last Verse —————————————————

Built into our rock bed
Human hybrids they have bred

Using us like rats
Storing us in their vats

We are being replaced
Tossed aside like human waste

Is the worst fear that we faced?

“Im Phillip Schneider, umm I spent 17 years in black budget… programs um government geologist, as engineer. Structural engineer with aerospace applications. All information dealing with aliens or alien reproduced technology. Is more then just… a… what I call a none visible threat” 

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Tales of the Tomb, Death Metal
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