Tension Rising - Doomsayer (Lyric Video )


Tension Rising - Doomsayer (Lyric Video )    
Album: Penumbra  

Doomsayer is a song essentially about the end of days. A bleak viewpoint of the world around us from one man who stands in the midst of absolute chaos.

As he observes what transpires around him, he confronts a “fortune teller” of sorts.

In history we know these individuals as “soothsayers”. These individuals have been told to us to foresee the future and what lies ahead for us all.

This particular “soothsayer” is categorically what we sought out to portray as a “Doomsayer”, a fortuneteller of inevitable doom; the speaker of demise as it were.

Our protagonist pleads with the doomsayer to tell him what lies in store for humanity. What shall happen to the human race during this time of death, decay, and turmoil? Our Doomsayer clearly speaks to him, “I see no hope for you now”.

Fate has extended out its hand and pulled the rug out from under our very feet.

Lyric Video made by Evproductions
Artwork by Kmdesignz


Heavy Metal
Tension Rising, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock
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