The Ocean - Statherian (Live 2018)

The Ocean - Statherian (Live 2018)
From the album "Precambrian", live at Dornroosje, Nijmegen, NL -- May 9th 2018

Credits: filmed and edited by Danny Boonstra | July Interactive

The Ocean comments:

"Earlier this year, while being in the middle of recording ‚Phanerozoic‘, we played a handful of ‚Precambrian‘ 10th anniversary shows and performed ‚Precambrian - Proterozoic‘ in its entirety. We never did anything like that back when the album was originally released in 2007. ‚Precambrian‘ was a tricky album with hundreds of audio tracks and layers per song, and while some songs worked in a live environment, it never crossed our mind back then to perform the album in its entirety… but 10 years later we felt ready for it.

‚Precambrian‘ was an important album for The Ocean, one that defined our path for the following years to come. There was a gap between ‚Precambrian‘ and ‚Heliocentric‘, a void that we wanted to fill now, conceptually and musically. ‚Phanerozoic‘ is that bridge, it continues where ‚Precambrian‘ left off, and concludes where ‚Heliocentric‘ begins.

Here’s some footage of ‚Statherian‘ performed at Doornroosje in Nijmegen in May 2018. The audio is a only an enhanced stereo sum, so don’t expect wonders... but we feel that this clip captures the vibe of that show."
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